Rocky Mountain High

Home     2009

Once again Rocky generously opened his Windham Ski House up to John, Mike, Bob the Dude, Ava, and Nicky.  As always the fireplace was toasty warm as we arrived on a Sunday afternoon, just in time to see the Cowboys defeat the Washington Redskins.  We had a few beers, the kids played Spades, and got a good night sleep for a full day of skiing and snow boarding.  The Mountain wasn't too crowded despite it being considered a holiday week.  Bob was boarding good on the first few runs.  Mikey and Ava and Nicky were awesome as always.  John was mediocre.  After a while the old men's legs got tired and we all went to lunch.  The waitress was a cute school teacher who was very nice and the food was real good too.  When it was time to hit the slopes again Rocky John and Bob decided to head back to the house for some R and R while the kids attacked the slopes some more.