State of Emergency declared at Tiki Bar
Storm takes toll on aged structure

Emergency Crews Dispatched!
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in the storm at tiki before damage.

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Christmas at Breezy Click Here

December in Rincon.  click here
Thanksgiving in Rincon
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New Shed Monthly Issued

click here to see the fall issue

Previous issue of Shed Monthly

What do these poker players have in common?  click here to find out.

Bri take the face off
Halloween at Ford's Party

rita and john went as linsecum and wilson
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Tiki hosts NFL on 10/10/10

Trish and Kath take off with Bri: trip

erin's in town click here

big time in big D click here

Oct. 11 was a beautiful colombus day.  Rita and John took a long bike ride, too long according to breezy police.

Fearsome Foursome - despite the doom and gloom forcast of hurricane Earl, John, Hocko and the Kennelly Brothers had a great round of golf at Marine Park.

Birthday Bash - Lucy and Brian's birthday was a reason to celebrate at beach and tiki.
2010 Volleyball - Flip Cup pull off big upset!  click here for pictures and story
Out of Control!
Tiki Bar 2010 Summer Bash was a sic party rocking with five bands, and hundreds of great people.  click here for more pictures and check back for more pictures and stories in the days to come.
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Flip Cup All Stars hanging tough in top division.  click here

Hartnett Girls visit their favorite uncle 
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Fishing trip with John, John and Falcone

Trish and John witness a rare Yankee loss.  click here

rincon film fest and April trip. click here

Five Borough Bike Tour
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Stop the Presses!  Shed Expansion Project Near Completion Without Necessary  Permits!
Under the cover of darkness the illegal Shed Expansion Project has been ongoing despite a stop work order from the Racos Administration.  Frank "Cement Head" Murphy has denied any knowledge of the construction, or the need for an environmental impact study. When questioned Muphy was quoted as saying, "how about I impact your head Sica." The work site, a former nesting area for the endangered Piping Plover, has been shut down since the Jets lost to the Colts in late January.  Murphy said the plans were to build the SJ Memorial Cultural Center, and was made possible by a grant from SSI in the name of Sloppy Joe Marino. 
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Cultural Center or Smoke House?
4th weekend on beach click here
Party at the Ryan's
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updates coming
bike tour, met game, rincon trips, and more
poker updated to include July game.  click here: poker
Trish and John Pitch and Putt

more pics in golf
Mikeala Visits and TJ too

more pics click here: visit
Baseball trip '10 Day 1

Trish, Brian and Mikey on the big screen behind them.  Don't understand?  Click on link above to see why.
Baseball trip '10 Day 2
Baseball trip '10 Day 3
What a game!  Two homer 9th
Yanks 11 - Sox 9  WAG!

Let it Snow: pics

St Patrick's in rockaway: pics

Suntan Dan beat Mike Sica and 22 others to take the February game. click here: Feb
Brooklyn Adventure

Mike sits outside La Taqueria awaiting his Burrito.  for more on John and Mike's tour of Brooklyn click here:   BA

Shed moves to East 19th, Raki's garage on February 15 to honor Presidents

Another amazing trip to Rincon. part one: sailing
MNF Players!  Bob Bruns aka Hocko wins Super Bowl box!

Poker Weekend
Two trophy's awarded!
January Game
With 2009 fading way behind  us now I am finally getting to update some of those pages.  to the left you will see one of the outtakes of when we took pictures for our fake football cards.  To see the cards click here.  To see the making of pictures click here.  Also updated was rocky mountain high, and Makaela visits the Tiki.  Also Anne's annual Christmas party.  Check them out.
I have uploaded my first video to YouTube from the Rincon trip.  Click here to view it:   Zipiddydodah
Back in Rincon for two weeks.  this picture was taken up on the roof just before sundown. click here for story and pics: Rincon  more pics from the first day on the roof and a walk:   Rincon
New Years Eve at Tiki:  NYE