What Snow Bad?

Everybody has had it with this winter, with near record snowfalls.  However we Mike and Trish decided to make the best of it and started to build an igloo next to the Tiki Bar.

It started with a mound of snow and then the tunneling began.


Eventually Brian was brought in to help and John and Rita came out to have some snow fun. 


By the time it was finished it was big enough for four friends to comfortably sit in, brian mike trish and ryan ford

the big game between the us and canada for the gold was a lot of fun.  trish, mike, john and tom ford watched the us come back to tie with a goal from parisse with 24 seconds left.  the gang took off to the irish circle to catch the overtime which ended sadly and suddenly with crosby's goal to end the dream.

the pictures below were taken at tony g's jersey shore house on our way to the taj to see the dead.

back to the snow storm, tommy pulkowski and some friends built a fort following the snow storm on the beach