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Old Friends and Field Level pass make trip
Sept. 19, 2010 - What a trip Teddy and John had for the home opener of the Cowboys against the Bears.  It was highlighted by having field level suite passes courtesy of Ted Sica Jr.'s connections and running into an old friend Kevin O'Malley who was in Dallas for three weeks of training.  The passes got Ted and John into many suites that were like dugouts feet from each teams sidelines.  You were so close to players as they came off the field after a series, good or bad and see their reaction.  They spent the first Quarter behind the Bears bench and the second quarter behind the Cowboys bench.
check out these amazing pictures.  they were taken with a normal camera, not something with an incredible zoom.
as you can see we are close to the players, but unfortunately you can also see that they are frustrated.

despite the loss it was a great trip.  the stadium is worth going to see, it is a wonder of the world.  the architecture, the technology, the giant screen, the cheerleaders....

another plus of having field passes.
got to go to bed tonight so i'll fill you in with the rest tomorrow, including our good times with kevin omalley, good food in bostons and more pictures.