In April 2010, John entered a short film he made into the Rincon Film Festival.  Although the film did not win any awards, it was accepted in the festival over 300 entries.  The film was the idea of Tommy Racos and required a lot of work from editor Brian, music and acting by Pete Ryan, acting by Mike Sica, Tony G.  John, Tom Ford, Tuna, Trish, and Rita.
It was shown at the Villa Cofresi in downtown Rincon with many in attendance.  Good friends were there for support including, Cubby, Bob the Dude, Sean, Rita, Callaghan as well as others. the crowd enjoyed the film and afterwards John answered come questions about the film.
The best snorkeling we ever did was down in La Paragua, on the southwest tip of Puerto Rico.  We rented two boats and explored some fascinating underwater reefs, cliffs, and sea life.
what would a trip be without Rita looking for sea glass.  we got in trouble by the authorities for taking the boat to the forbidden zone.

Views from the back deck.

They have fun police even in PR