Tuna looked great as a 50's rocker,
and Moe wore a t-shirt.
Once again Tom and Mary hosted a great Halloween party and their guests made it a great party with their creative costumes.

Rita made great costumes, she was Linsecum and John was Brian Wilson

There were a few escapes to the tiki bar for whispers

The Ford foundation.

Brian and Freddy were the Blues Brothers and Jenn was beautiful as always

Betty and Aunt Moe were hippies bringing back memories for John

Tuna morphed from 50 rocker to Jerry man.

Jack and Carol were even in costume, Jamie was not

Girls, girls girls.

Grease is the Word

Mikey got made up by Ryan

Tuna has many talents

Tom Ford, the host with the most

shed open today


Christine went as Chef Pauly

Leigh Ann went as Lee Bee