Thanksgiving in Rincon was a great time for Brian, Mike, Rita, Liz, and John.  the weather was outstanding, sunny and 87 every day.  there were many friends from Rockaway in town as well.  We enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners.  On thanksgiving we went to Villa Cofresi with about 20 friends and had a spanish style thanksgiving dinner.  Afterwards we stopped at Casa Vieja to see Mike and he was disappointed we didn't have dinner with him.  We promised to come back on Friday and have a traditional American thanksgiving dinner.  Both dinners were excellent.  The service in the Cofresi was atrocious though.  We did miss Trish though, and the usual Cassidy clan as well.

although Liz had finals on the horizon, it did not deter her from having a good time.  I wonder where her classmates were studying?

Tom Brandon and Cubby were melting into their chairs at the Marina.

They call him "Angry" Mike, but a better name would be "Sweetheart" Mike
Like I said there was a giant contingent from Rockaway which made us feel like we were home in paradise, which is pretty much how we always feel.

Thanksgiving Dinner Puerto Rican style.  It was excellent.
Cubby was staying in the blue condo's behind Bungers.  His unit had two decks with spectacular views.  the place is for sale in your interested for 150.  it has two bedrooms, parking and is in great shape.  It also has a pool and laundry room.

one of our favorite things to do in Rincon is Paddle Boarding.  We rented two boards for the day and had a great time.  the water calm enough to have a great time.
One of the best parts of the trip was when we drove down to la Paragua and rented boats from Johnny's boats and went snorkeling.  It is one of the best snorkeling reefs in the world.  Rita, John, Mike and Brian had a great day exploring the underwater fantasy land.  i have some video of the trip from both above and below sea level so check back for the link to them.