Rocking at the Ryan's


On July 10th the Ryans had a Summer Saturday party with great food, music, drinks and great family and friends.

John Ryan has settled into retirement quite nicely, taking up a career as a rock star, both in look and in voice.
It was a relaxing afternoon, the weather was a welcome break from one of the hottest summers ever.
Mary was hanging with her older cousins, her peeps.
Even the older family members had fun.
There was music in the air as Jack, Brian, Pete, and Pete's friends rocked for hours.
The kids kept Jude busy and vice versa.  Soccer with the big ball was both dangerous and fun.
Mary was the hostest with the mostest keeping everyone well fed both physically and emotionally.  The   hors d'oeuvre's were awesome as was the dinner, with the help of Peter on the grill.  But her greatest accomplishment was keeping that blender in action for nine straight hours with a variety of fruity drinks.  Thanks Mary!