Shed Controversy


Future in Doubt Despite Expansion

Work Stop Order Issued!
Under the cover of darkness the illegal Shed Expansion Project has been ongoing despite a stop work order from the Racos Administration.  Frank "Cement Head" Murphy has denied any knowledge of the construction, or the need for an environmental impact study. When questioned Muphy was quoted as saying, "how about I impact your head Sica." The work site, a former nesting area for the endangered Piping Plover, has been shut down since the Jets lost to the Colts in late January.  Murphy said the plans were to build the SJ Memorial Cultural Center, and was made possible by a grant from SSI in the name of Sloppy Joe Marino. 
2011 Ticket Prices Announced Despite Controversy
Frank "Steinbrenner" Murphy has announced a knew "tier" system for his 2011 Shed season ticket prices.  "Outer shell tickets will be $340 for a 17 game package.  First "new" Shed will be $500, and the original, back Shed will be $700 for the season."  Prices do not include playoffs.  Consumer advocate Bob "Hocko" Bruns, a lifelong ticket holder complained, "I've been coming here since the old tin Shed and it's not right to raise prices like that.  I can only afford the outer overhang new Shed.  I'll be freezing out there and sucking down Barbeque fumes."
Fire Safety Marshall Jim Falcone has refused to issue Murphy the necessary Barbeque and Fire Pit permits.