Tiki Bar Torn Apart by Storm

A devastating storm tore through the northeast Sunday causing structural damage to the Tiki Bar and putting the winter drinking season in jeapordy.

Emergency crews were dispatched by mayor Bloomberg, but due to road conditions they were late to respond.  Owner and first responder John Sica was despondent as he assessed the damage.

"It might be months before we really know the impact of this crushing blow." John lamented.

Mike Sica and John put their lives on the line in 60 mph winds attempting to find a temporary fix to hold off further damage.

Local resident Kenneth Kearns was shocked when he heard the news.
"I was just there on Christmas night having some holiday cheer.  This will change my future plans." 
Kenneth felt he might even have to get a job in the absence of the Tiki Bar.

The 4foot by 2 foot hole torn in the roof by record winds opened the door to the two foot snow storm which wreaked havoc inside the structure.

Tiki owner John reached out to Shed owner, Frank Murphy to request emergency drinking shelter in his new Tri-Shed.  Murphy was not in a generous mood when he said, "you made your bed Sica, now you'll have to sleep in it."

Investigators are looking into a newly installed heater as possibly being the cause.  Structural engineer Tom Ford Jr. claimed the heat might have caused some softening of the roof causing the collapse.  Heater installer Tom Racos was not available for comment.

Emergency Crew Patches Roof, Digs Out

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