John's Birthday, 54

John's Birthday turned out to be a great day despite having to work.  He had a nice day on the first day of filming thanks to the great girls he works with, Chryss and Melanie who took him out to lunch and made a lame attempt at singing him a happy birthday song. He also ran into Bunter in lower Manhattan which is always interesting.

 When he got home he figured that he would eat dinner and go to bed since he had left for work at 320 am on his birthday morning.  However the neighborhood kids had other plans, headed by Ryan Ford who set up the net; and a great 3 on 3 match developed in which every game was great. Mikey helped to make sure that his birthday would include victory, along with Serge. afterwards the ocean provided some of the best waves of the season.

 Needless to say the Tiki Bar followed with a great roast beef dinner provided by Rita and some very practical gifts including a broom and dustpan.  However one gift inspired a script for the short film of 2011, details to follow.

Rita's revenge.  after years of getting vacumn's and toasters, Rita got John a new broom and dust pan for his birthday.

Great games.

Read  the shirt.  great gift from Trice who knew me too well.