The Legend ofCasa Vieja

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In Rincon one thing is certain, there will always be controversy in Kasa Vieja, and it will always surround Angry Mike.  This winter was no exception.  There has always been the ongoing controversy surrounding how the town of Rincon is going to close down Angry Mike's to build some kind of museum.  Well as you will read below that conflict is now settled. Pictured on the right is the usual suspects, Sean, Lisette, Tony G, Cubby, Rita, rincon Mayor Carlos Lopez and of course Angry Mike himself.

Another controversy arose this February after a late night of drinking when Angry Mike and Tony G. were the last ones standing at the bar at closing.  There are many late nights when Angry Mike barricades all the doors after 2 am holding us hostage to keep drinking.  On this particular night  that is what happened with TonyG and Angry Mike.

That night, with the doors barricaded, the outside world was cut off to the two as they discussed local and national events.  Eventually the night ended and the sun came up the next morning, however what happened in between is the source of the controversy.
the next morning at the Feehan compound a lamppost style BudLite/  Budweiser sign mysteriously appeared poolside.  How did it get there?  could it be the same sign that proudly stood outside of Angry Mikes for years?
That night at Angry Mike's there was tension in the air.  Mike's sign was missing.   Mike looked over his clients, trying to decide who was his most likely suspect?  Lets look at some of them.

from left to right:
Pete.... Mike wondered.  Pete owns a bar back in Long Beach, New York.  He had the motive...

Sean.....New pool, talk of building his own bar......

Tony G...... He was the last to leave,  did Mike actually see him drive away.

Stan ..... What did Mike really know about Stan?  What did anyone know about Stan for that matter?

Lasette, always decorating her compound, looking for the right pieces.

The lovely Nora, always so happy and care free on the outside.  but what is she really like?

John Sica, sure he's an ex cop.  But what were the circumstances surrounding how he left the deptment?

Lovely Rita....doesnt she own a tiki bar in Rockaway.  and isnt the old Black Eagle sign in her Rincon  yard?

Cubby...... could his Montero even make it?  Besides he spends more time at Mike's than at his own place, so if he wanted to see the sign where would he want it?
That night Angry Mike studied his subjects.  As an ex cop himself he had his suspicions of who it was.  He would wait and see though.

The next night only Cubby, Rita and Sica came to Casa Vieja for some provisions.  "Where was Sean,"  Mike wondered.  Wasn't he and Cubby inseparable?    Tony, Pete, and Stan were on there way back to New York and Mike staked out the airport to see if they checked in any large packages.  the list of suspects narrowed.  It was time to make an accusation and interrogate Cubby.

Mike accused Sean and told Cubby to get him on the phone.  Cubby did a fake dial and told Mike he didn't answer.  though Sean had to be warned.

the next day Mike's suspicions were confirmed when the following letter was received at Casa Vieja:

As you can see, this man is cleverly disguised, but Mike and a team of experts were able to ascertain his identity.

But the story didn't end there.

check back for shocking revelations soon

Sean is laughing as Tony faces down his accusers in the next installment.