february 2011 rincon trip

Rincon Home

It started on February 6th getting wasted and watching the Packers beat the Steelers at the 2nd annual Rincon super bowl party and ended passed out drunk in a parking lot of the La Flamboyon restaurant on February 17th.  In between were memorable days and nights filled with great friends, water activities, golf, food, fun and partying.
The super bowl party was started last year by two firemen who rent out Stewy's beachfront mansion to host the big game.  The mansion is right on a secluded beach, has a in ground pool with swim up bar, they hire a great band, a chef who also roasts a pig, invite all the young women in town, stack the bar, giant screen tv, great sound system and much much more.  On the right in Tommy who hosts the party along with Tony G. who is a local favorite.

Jeff and Jean are dear friends who run the local sailing school.  Jean has put on a few pounds the last 8 months but plans on dieting in mid March.

Another local favorite is Cubby pictured here with Rita, special guest Phil Reilly and Jeans friend Andrea with her ever happy baby Delia.
One of our favorite late night stops is Casa Vieja and its colorful owner Angry Mike.  this trip there was a giant conspiracy/mystery involving a Budweiser sign that disappeared from his property.  the mystery took several twist and turns which I will report on later, but as of now it is still unresolved.  Pictured to the right is Tony G. with local free spirit Nora.

Another sunset as surfers wait for one last ride.  Waves were small this trip.

Rita is happiest when she is in Rincon, as are most people.

Sometimes when you hang out in bars you get your teeth knocked out.

Told you she is always happy.

If any Sica kids are thinking of getting married and starting a family, Rita is ready to be a grandmother.

Tom Dags, Smitty and John went golfing.  The course had an innovative new trap called the fire trap. note in background.  on one hole they couldnt see each other 10 feet away.

John and Tom went to target and brought a new bar and some high back bar stools.  The new height makes the view spectacular.  It was a trip transporting the thing home in a subcompact car during a rain storm.

on the right is Jimmy Con Air, who kidnapped me and Lasette for half a day of drinking

this day was hazardous to our health.  however we had a great time, met some great people, and saw some great places.