Memorial Day Weekend Party '11

Before we get to the festivities at the Tiki, don't forget to pray and thank those who gave their lives in the protection of our country and freedoms.  To commemmorate this Brian and cousin Jack Ryan made a video that pays homage to these brave heroes, using an original song by Jack.  Be warned though, it has some disturbing reminders of what happened on September 11, 2001.  Click here to view.
It was a beautiful Sunday, John had cooked up a storm the day before and the Tiki was in tip top shape.  The Hartnetts showed up first and headed straight to the beach where the waves were warm enough to take advantage of.  The Burnouts and families showed up and surprise guests from Jersey, Andrew, Falcone, Norton, and Sully.  The Fords and Tracey clans, Trice and VJ came from the beach club, and later Jane and Jim.
As the sun went down, the kids started to take over and bring the party to the next day.  There was some Flip cup games, live music, and more good times.
God Bless America