Rincon April 2011

sica home     rincon

rita had one of her longest stays in Puerto Rico, almost three weeks.  during that time she had many visitors, and many adventures.  Among those visiting were her husband John, her sister in law, Trice, and Tuna. 

Rincon was rocking as well with dozens of rockaway and long beach visitors. 

hey everyone life is beautiful in rincon

that's right i'm talking to you

i should have learned to play the bass

jeff and johns partnership is mutually beneficial

rita cruising


trouble ahead,

Smitty's first visit to the Marina.   He walked from Sandy



So far so good.

Also it was great to see Jean and Jeff's new baby Zee.


Sean and Lisette's compound

Rockaway invasion

Trice is up...

She was there a second ago.

trouble brewing, maybe it wasnt Jimmy's fault last time


paddleboarding is getting too popular.  there were actually traffic jams

hitching a ride

to the good life

the history of Rincon

stuck in the sand, saving a dolphin that was stuck in the marina

charlie was hurtin

beautiful.  and the sunset ain't bad either.

the happy family.  beautiful.