San Diego

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Brian and John flew out west to Pacific Beach San Diego to visit Trish and Katheleen.  Right from the start there was lots of fun to be had, their neighborhood is full of great restaurants and bars, and of course, great weather, and outdoor fun.  Kath was working so John Brian and Trish walked down Garnett st. to explore the neighborhood.  they settled into a bar on the beach called 10 and 3.  the bar had the yankee game on and the crew talked to the bartender, Brian, who was from detroit.  after awhile they explored the beachfront.

Welcome to PB
We've been biking around mostly, which is the way to go.  Pacific Beach has great restaurants including the one below, Kronos.  Its a great breakfast place with seating right on a deck on beach.

Kono's is the best breakfast shop in San Diego.  Long lines are usually out the door.
The trip to Torrey Pines to watch the hang gliders and para sailing was amazing.  And the LaJolla area has some great natural sights that we explored.  for more click here or see the video, link above
In between all of our stops we always stop at the Grant St. apartment to regroup.
Kath's friend Mike got a new job while we were there.

Theo and Brian have some laughs.

this was my transpo for most of the trip.

Theo has rooftop access, it gets hot up there.