New Video of Tiki Art unveiling, click here
A special new piece of art has been added to the tiki bar, a fun tiki surfboard that was a gift to the Tiki by Casey.  The art was unveiled at a special ceremony conducted on black Friday at the Tiki.  A big crowd was on hand to celebrate. 
A special documentary slide show preceded the unveiling, showing the voyage of four brave sailors, including our own Cubby, who sailed a 35 foot Catamaran from Long Island to St. Augustine, Florida.
Things got out of hand as usual, when the ShotSki was brought out.
Some more football Sundays at the Tiki were also happening in November.
None of the parties would be possible without heat.  Tommy Racos provided the hard work and know how to get the job done.

Moe looks serious.  Wrong place for it.
John and Rita are painting the Tiki bar to look like a wall that is in Rincon, at Sandy Beach.  Check back for updates.