With Past champion Teddy pretending to work to avoid the embarrassment, and Reigning and perennial champ VJ being boutyed out midway by Robo, the stage was set for a new winner and new home for the trophy.  Down to the final three, Mikey, Big Tom and Robo were taking turns as the chip leader until Mikey got gunned down by Robo.  Then it was father against son to see which part of Staten Island the trophy would rest.  Robo came up victorious and if you want to see the trophy now it will cost you $13 to go over the bridge and visit it as Robo has bragging rights for a year.

The action started quickly, in the second hand John had AK suited with hearts, and big Tom had pocket aces.  When two hearts flopped the betting was fast and furious, and when  fourth street hit no one, Tom went all in and John followed hoping for a heart to embarrass his nemisis and brother.  The river was a king and John was gone.

The food was great, Tommy made meatballs that would make Goo proud, and the chicken cutlet parmesan was sliced as thin as eggplant.  In fact, it was eggplant. 


Rank Name Hits Hitman Total Winnings
1 Robo 4   $550.00
2 Tommy Sica 2 Robo $300.00
3 mikey 2 Tommy Sica $100.00
4 tommo 2 Robo  
5 anthony   mike sica  
6 Big Ted   Robo  
7 Brandon   mike sica  
8 VJ   Robo  
9 Brian    tommo  
10 TOM MAN   tommo  
11 John   Tommy Sica