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   Monday June 4th, After a nice Delta flight to San Diego the reality of this not being a vacation set in.  Trish and Katheleen had a lot of work to do, including throwing out furniture, returning cable, packing stuff, cleaning and vaccuming, and most important, buying a storage unit for the roof.  I took the ride to sears to buy one trish saw online.  Things didn't go well from the start, if you've ever been to a Sears Automotive Center it is not like walking into a store, finding what you want, bringing it up to the register, paying for it and leaving.  I had to wait on a long line with people who had to have their car problems ironed out.  When I finally got what I wanted an hour later things got more interesting.  I figured it would come ready to strap to the roof and off I would go.  Not to be.  It had to be assembled with like 30 parts and tools required.  as you can see from the photo of the Chevy cavalier and the "XCargo" it was not going to be as easy as fitting a asquare peg in a round hole.  I took liberty with the hard plastic and eventyually jammed it in.  the fun was just beginning though.  when I got it back to Trish and Kath's apartment Theo and I followed instructions and put it together.
  When it was done there was only one problem, no hardware to mount it to the rooff.  A further reading of the instructions revealed that you had to buy seperately the mounting kit.  It was bad enough the guys in sears didn't mention that, now I know why. 
They don't have it in stock.  we tried two more Sears and noone had it either.  Theo and I came up with many plans to build our own.  We finally went with the simplest solution.  Cut slits in the bottom of the hard plastic, thread the straps through the thing and ratchet it inside the car.  That should hold for almost 4,000 miles at 70mph  right?
The cleanest their apartment has looked in years.  Theo doesnt recognize it.

We eventually got it loaded and then decided to get ourselves loaded as well.  it was the girls last night after all and they wanted to say goodbye to the many good friends they had made over the years. 

Theo and Adam are drowning their sorrow.

No one looks too sad

Kira and Ilsa will not get great sets anymore.

Nervous about the big trip
This is the view that the girls saw every afternoon that they woke up and left their apartment.  it's been Grand on Grand Ave


coming next, grand canyon