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Below are links to some of the videos that John and the crew have made over the years.  Some are silly, some are serious, most are short, others longer.  Some were made on a whim using a phone, which are called Sica Shorts, others are a little more highly produced with special effects like The Second Chance Inn.  They were made for no other reason than someone had a good idea.
And of course there is Seven Miles to Shore, a tribute to the spirit of Rockaway, and more importantly, to Dylan Smith.

/This One Hour Documentary puts you on the ground and in the water during the worst storm New York and Rockaway has seen in our lifetime.  It tells of the heroics of Dylan Smith a lifeguard and surfer who risked his life to save others.   click here

Secon Chance Inn - Premiered at the Rincon Film Festival,  "what if you could go back, and change one thing, would you?"  Find the answers in this 22 minute fantasy, romance, sci-fi short  click here
Tiki Talk

Episode One  Special Guest  Bobby Butler, music and mayhem
Episode Two  Special Guest  Bobby Bruns, misspent youth
Episode Three Special Guest Pat Tubirty, new titles, new friend
Episode Four   Special 2a.m. filming with bridge jumper Kenny
Episode Five  Artist Geoff Rawling opens eyes to the underbelly of ny, england and rockaway

Queer Eye For the Straight Guy
John was guest in the episode in which they called him


This is a 38 Minute collection of "Random Acts of Rincon" filmed over the early winter months of 2013.  Best when viewed with a bottle of Rum.  Like the title says, it just doesn't make any sense. 

sica shorts

this collection of three less than a minute video comedies were spontaneously done in the summer of 2014 on John's phone.  click here

Take Your Child to Work Day -
Lucy is proud of her father as he teaches her the way of high finance.
Click here