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Seven Miles to Shore is an award winning documentary that captures the horror of Super Storm Sandy and the triumph of the human spirit.  It tells  the story of that night by concentrating on how it affected the lives of some of the people who stayed to protect their homes in the small New York City town of Rockaway Beach. You've seen all the specials and news reports since the storm, but if you haven't seen this film you have no idea of what it was really like. This film puts you on the ground and in the water like no other. Finally, it is a tribute to local hero Dylan Smith who braved the trecherous waters and raging fires to save many lives that night. 


Pete and John discuss the nights events before they roll tape.  Young Cameraman Cal Zito makes adjustments on camera while Casey and Bobby wait.  Photo shot by Kate Honan.

This poster was created by Rita Regan using the famous Pete Brady photo.  The Knights showing attracted over 300 people who cheered on the memory of Dylan.