Tommy Dags is Back!

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2008 player of the year, Tommy Dags, did not win a tournament in 2009.  Well its a new year and Tommy is back, capturing the opening tourney of the year.  He and John Sica were hanging by a thread all night but they both got hot late and came back to take the top two spots.  They both thought that John was taking over on the last hand when they thought that John's pocket 9's had held up to Tommy's 5's until Brandon realized that Tommy hit a flush, and the match was over. (see photo below) Strong play by Vinny Farrell and Big Ted Sica dominated play for most of the night, but Tommy D and John started getting the cards late to knock them out.  19 players were in attendance including newcomer Jim McLynchy and Serge, both players having strong showings.  VJ, Bob the Dude, and George also finished in the money.

At first glance they thought the 9's held up.  Upon further review Tommy's got the flush and the first win of the season.

Rank Name Points Hits Win $ Hitman Time Out
1 Tommy Dags 170 2 500    
2 John Sica 120 2 300 Tommy Dags 12:41 AM
3 vinny farrell 150 6 250 Tommy Dags 12:21 AM
4 Big Ted 110 3 200 John Sica 12:13 AM
5 VJ 70   180 John Sica 11:58 PM
6 George M 70 1 160 vinny farrell 11:52 PM
7 Bob The Dude 50   130 George M 11:32 PM
8 serge 60 2 80 vinny farrell 11:26 PM
9 jim mclynchy 10     vinny farrell 11:26 PM
10 Issy 10 1   Big Ted 11:07 PM
11 Joe G 10 1   vinny farrell 10:49 PM
12 Steve       vinny farrell 10:48 PM
13 Willie       serge 10:48 PM
14 Brian       Big Ted 10:47 PM
15 Tommy Sica       vinny farrell 10:42 PM
16 Greg Tracey       Big Ted 10:31 PM
17 Ronnie       Issy 9:58 PM
18 Brandon       serge 9:35 PM
19 CB       Joe G 9:23 PM

Some of the more bolder (and drunker) players braved the cold after the game and into the wee hours of the morning .

drinking is so easy John and Brian can do it with their eyes closed.