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this picture was taken with my new camera the kids gave me for father's day.  its a series of pictures stitched together.

With all of the games you go to in your life, all of the great players, memorable moments, etc. it all gets lost over the decades.  The Aaron Boone game, going to Lambau to see Farve come back and win one in overtime, all the different stadiums around the country, its a shame I haven't really documented these moments through the decades.  Until now.  Me and Trish decided at a Yankee game that we have to keep the memories documented for prosperity and future generations.  So we will right a little story to remember some of the games we go to in the future.  I will try to document some past games that we attended if we have pictures.

Football 2011

December '11  Giants at Dallas

Baseball 2011

6 yankee games for bri, dad, cubby and mike to come

May 3rd  Pirates at Padres

Baseball 2010

Sept. 7th Oriloles at Yankees

July 20th Angels at Yankees

June 4  Padres at Phillies

June 5  Reds at Nationals

June 6  Red Sox at Orioles

May 17 Sox at Yankees

Baseball: 2009

Road trip to Chicago and Cleveland

May 21, 09 Yankees vs. Orioles Jaba

May 05, 09 Yankees vs. Red Sox Jaba

Hockey: 2009

February 28th   Colorado vs Rangers

Football 2009

Opening Day new stadium: Giants at Dallas (no page yet)

Baseball 2008

September 16th Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers

August 3  Mike Dad Trish and Colin vs. Angels (great comeback)

June 19th Trish and Dad Jaba vs. Padres

June 27th Brian John and Moe's family vs. the Mets

July 9th John Brian exciting extra inning against Rays


December '11  Giants at Dallas

September 15th  Philadelphia vs. Dallas

Dec. 11 '05 Detroit at Green Bay


July 20th John Rita Brian and Trish at AVP 2008

2005 Baseball

July 7, 2005  John and Brian road trip to Philly and Baltimore and AC