Big Greg Takes TOC Trophy Home!

2010 Season

Greg and Joe are taking this years Race for the Cup, (Joe) and Tournament Of Champions, (Greg) trophy's home.

Rank Name Hits Winnings Hitman Time Out
1 Greg Tracey 3 900    
2 Joe G 4   Greg Tracey 7:23 PM
3 vinny farrell 2   Greg Tracey 6:59 PM
4 Steve     vinny farrell 6:38 PM
5 Brandon     Greg Tracey 6:34 PM
6 Ronnie     Joe G 6:32 PM
7 CB     Joe G 5:44 PM
8 Brian     Joe G 5:39 PM
9 Issy     vinny farrell 5:26 PM
10 John Sica     Joe G 5:24 PM


Joe got off to a fast start, knocking out 4 of the first five players and amassing a huge lead.  Then it was Greg's turn as he took down 3 of the next 4 and ran away with it. 

Vinny Farrell playing for surfer Timmy Smith was strong all night in both games knocking out people left and right and taking 3rd in both.