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NOLA which stands for New Orleans, Louisiana.  New Orleans, LA. -  We got to New Orleans and found a really nice hotel right in the middle of everything.  it was within walking distance to all the hotspots and we got a room with a great view of the mississippi river.

the famous Mother's restaurant, which was recommended to us by Jimmy Morris who spent a year in NO with the Katrina cleanup.
The hotel also had a rooftop pool, and some nice glass elevators that shot through the roof of a mall and up up up.   Kath and Trish had this thing where they would jump for joy and kick up their heals at any happy moment.  for example look below.

The famous Market Street. We met some interesting locals there.
After we checked into the hotel and got settled in, we took a cab to Frenchman Street which was where the locals recommended we go instead of Market St.  They said its where the locals go to listen to great Jazz away from the tourists.  We went there and we weren't disappointed.  We heard some interesting brass bands and had some good local beers.
After drinking and listening to music for a couple of hours we headed back to the hotel and after putting Kathleen to bed, Trish and John walked to Market Street to see what that was all about.  More great music, characters and beers.  The day after some much needed sleep we went back to Market Street for a daytime visit, this time with Kath.  As we turned the corner on our way there, there was a band playing in the street in front of the local footlocker.
Kath kicks up her heels.

one of the places that was recommended to us by Tony G., who is a yearly visitor to New Orleans Jazz Fest.
Tony G. recommenend we go to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop -- built between 1722 and 1732 by Nicolas Touze, is reputed to be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States.     

We stopped in a number of bars, including a gay bar, and a bar that had a hula hoop contest that Kath won.

The girls were offered free pole dancing lessons by the owner of a strip club and John was offered a free pole dancer.  All parties declined.
Many people were telling us we had to take the trolley car, "you must take the trolley car".  The only problem was they didn't tell us where to take it to.

Another leg kick opportunity

After taking the trolley further away from downtown with no destination in mind we jumped off in the middle of nowhere.  Luckily there was a nice micro brewery nearby for us to sample their wares.
The girls however, wanted to re-enact the poster from the grand canyon so here it is.
That house on the right hand corner is the micro brewery.

They had a selection of hundreds of beers, including Brooklyn Lager.   
 There were three important sporting events ongoing during the trip.  One was the stanley cup finals, another was the Heat - Thunder, and finally, the college baseball world series.  The thing that made it interesting this year was the suprise success of Trish's alma mater, StoneyBrook.  As  a matter of fact, they pulled off the big upset against LSU within miles of where we were driving as it happened.  It was a big story nationally, and in NOLA it was a huge story.  In the micro brewery I was telling the locals that Trish was a Sea Wolf.  They pretty much ignored me.

After a few we decided to walk back to the hotel and saw some interesting stuff.

I forgot who this is a statue of but it looks like Tom Landry. 
  We headed back to hotel to rest up for a night on the town again.  Details to come

Check back for the Walter Ross and the street punks story.